I am in LOVE!!

I am in Love,

It is a strange feeling.

Seeing her face,

From the only creepy crevice.

I feel suffocated,

Inside the vacuum with a crack


She overpowers this suffocated ness.

I feel lucky,

Seeing her from the crack

The only crack in my captor.

They say it is a ventilator,

To bring in air;

I know it is funny.

But it is only me,

Who laughs off it.

And they laugh at me.

They bring in food,

Two times. That is the only time,

The filthy world comes to me.

Every day a familiar-different face,

Cursing me.

I don’t know why?

They say I murdered my wife,

I don’t know if that is true.

Anyway, I thank them.

They shut me in,

& now I am in love.

Every dusk I get excited,

I manage to get to black hole,

The black hole to heaven, to my love.

Yes, she is my heaven.

Now here I am standing, staring.

Facing my love.

I don’t know if she is seeing me,

I don’t care.

I just want to stare,

& just stare.

She is beautifully  dark,

With a peaceful  face.

The face is embedded,

With wrinkles,

Glowing wrinkles.

Perfectly created. They say it was GOD.

I thank him.

I don’t know if she is pretty.

She  certainly is beautiful.

Her silver wrinkles scattered untidily,

Over her dark face.

As if moving.

Yes, She is BEAUTIFUL.

An expanse of pure black serenity,

Breathing peace and contentment.

She comes and waits,

For long hours.

I pray: Her wait lasts long every day.

My wish gets fulfilled.

Every dusk,

She comes and waits and waits.

They say her name’s NIGHT.

I am in LOVE with NIGHT.

And, they say I’m MAD.

I don’t know what I am,

Or who really am I.

I don’t care b’cuz

I am In LOVE.

“मेरा प्यारा  छत्तीसगढ़”

“मेरा प्यारा छत्तीसगढ़”

यहाँ मैनपाठ की वादिया है।

तो जतमई की पहाड़िया है।।

बड़े बड़े भैंसे है।

तो कही फूलो के उद्यान है।।

कभी अनोखे प्रवासी पंछियो का घर है।

तो कही नागलोक में साँपो का बसेरा है।।

यहाँ बस्तर का दसहरा है।

तो वही लाइवलीहुड कॉलज में सुनहरे भविष्य का बसेरा है।।

यहाँ माँ का दरबार है ।

तो कही छत्तीसगढ़ की शान युवाओ के सपनो का सँसार है।।

यहाँ की वादियो में कही नक्सलियों की आहट है।

तो कही दोस्ती की अनोखी मिसाल है।।

यहाँ चक्रधर राजा की अनोखा घराना है।

तो यहाँ अभी युवाओ का जमाना है।।

यहाँ कुदरत की अनुरूप छठा है।

तो काले हिरे से रायगढ़ पटा है।।

यहाँ विवेकानंद जी का ज्ञान है।

तो वही शहीद वीर नारायण सिंह हुए महान है।।

कुछ अच्छे तो कुछ महान ऐसा है हमारा छत्तीसगढ़ महान।।



Words can not express my feeling

You are the one who give my life a meaning

I was running alone in crowd of people

No one was there to listen my screaming

I decided to end my life from the beginning

And stop all the things which are happening

You came in my life and took my hand

Lift me up and make me stand

Swipe my tears and change my life

Everything was magic

i was like flying

Who are you, how could you

Just tell me am i dreaming or its true

I knew the meaning of life just because of you

I knew the real happiness just because of you

I knew how to survive just because of you

I knew how to be pride just because of you