KiiDa oF EnGiNeeRiNG

A kiida of engineering changed my life. You might have your own interesting story regarding how and when the word Engineering was introduced to you. Read more to find out my story.

I agree everyone came across the term “engineering” via random incidents. Some might have witnessed the term engineering during their early days of schooling, some might have heard from their parents, relatives or friend. And still there are some who knows engineering as a word only but they are unaware of the things that an engineer can do.

There is an interesting story how I was introduced to the word engineering. My primary school was completed in a local school of my city. The only thing we have to do is to study. Till 5th standard I was out the CAREER RACE but something else was written in my fate. Fortunately, I somehow manage to clear JNVST (Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Selection Test) in the year 2006.

As an Indian, you must have little bit knowledge of this test. It’s an all India test to select few students mostly from the rural area and to provide them best opportunity to learn & study without charging any fees to them.

With the admission in Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Raigarh (C.G.) I got wings to my dreams. The campus was fabulous, hostels were awesome, faculties were the best. There were 79 students more who got admission along with me. As a child, I guessed all of them to be toppers of their school.

After admission one out of four different houses (those were Aravali, Nilgiri, Shivalik & Udaigiri) is to be allotted to us & I was selected for Udaigiri. After the allotment of houses, our house captain ordered us (me along with the new boys in Udaigiri) to make a poster stating our name, class & aim. I haven’t concerned about my aim in life so I decided to ask one of our seniors.

Me : bhaiya! Can you please help me in selecting my aim?

He was kind so he agreed.

Senior : little bro! You can opt of doctor, engineer, police……..etc.

I was aware of doctor and police but the word ENGINEER kept echoing in my ears.

Me : bhaiya I have little knowledge of the work doctors & police do. Can you tell me what an engineer do?

Senior : An engineer is a person who deals with the daily life problems and provides best solutions for them. You might have read regarding the seven wonders of the world. Those are the example of the great things an engineer can do.

After listening to him I made up my mind to be an engineer and do such great things in my career.

That was the day when KiiDa oF EnGiNeeRiNG entered into my empty brain. And with each passing day KiiDa kept growing bigger and bigger. If same engineering KiiDa has already penetrated into your life during your schooling then you are among 5 millions of Indian students who dreamed of being an engineer.

You might have your own story regarding how KiiDa oF EnGiNeeRiNG entered into your head.

Feel free to share your story. I hope you will like this post even fake likes will be enough to encourage me.