EnGiNeeRiNG FrUsTraTiOnS

If you are an engineer, about to be an engineer or still dreaming of being an engineer then you are at right place. This is a blog by an engineer for rest of the audiences who are directly or indirectly related to a prestigious field known as Engineering.

Even if you are not from an engineering background you must have done at least zillions of the things that are supposed to be done by an engineer from a simple electrical supply to maintenance of your bike by your own.

Let me introduce myself first, I am an engineering student who is going to receive his bachelor degree soon. I am not from a well-known college but a bachelor degree from that college will definitely help me to get a job.

I was a bright student from my school days, did well in my boards both in 10th and 12th. Later on, I joined engineering college and when I decided to write this blog 3 years of engineering is already about to complete. I am from a mediocre family so study at engineering college was really challengeable for me. But my parents, as well as the scholarship, supported me financially.

There are more than 1.5 millions of engineers passing out each year. Even after spending four years of frustration they are ineligible to opt for campus interviews. This is completely injustice to them. I know I am too among those frustrated students who took their engineering casually. No participation in co-curricular activities, no departmental involvement etc. But is it really needed?

Absolutely No…! We enroll ourselves to be an engineer isn’t? So why to participate in those activities? Instead of this type of activities if practical’s, industrial tours were arranged none of us would have been denied to attend. And ultimately FoUr  yEaRs oF FrUsTraTiOn must have been turned to be FoUr  PillaRs oF SuCCeSS.

There are lots of moments during my entire engineering journey where many opportunities knocked at my door but I was unable to grab those opportunities. While most of the time they just shacked my hand and moved far away from me.

There are lots of the situation and problems where I loosed my temper and finally took the wrong step that leads to a blind spot in my career.

And this is my introductory blog. Moto behind my step into the blog world is to share all those experience where I learned something and I am sure these are the incidences which an engineering student faced during their own life. I am not a perfect human being so never expect from me that whatever step that I took were always right. But you can at least expect from my side that my suggestions to tackle those problems might be helpful to you if you face the same situation in any point of your life.

So are you guys ready to transform your FoUr  yEaRs oF FrUsTraTiOn into FoUr  PillaRs oF SuCCeSS??

I will try my best to entertain you, suggest you, help you and blah blah…….

I hope you will like this post. Fake likes will be enough to encourage me.

You can also share your frustrations, various problems and how you tackled them with me. I will share your experiences with all my audiences.

Feel free to comment. Your feedback will help me to help you in best possible way.