Now, let’s take a look what all options are actually open for an engineering student after graduation. Keep in mind that these are the back up plans about which we read in the first point, and all of them need considerable planning and analysis before being considered as options.

1.Walk-in Interviews / Open Campus Interviews : Probably the most common way of getting yourself placed, apart from your institute’s campus interviews are the open campus drives and the walk-in interviews. In your third year, observe which all colleges are mainly conducting such drives. Target them, start developing connections and networks with the students of those colleges to get the latest placements news. Also, mobile apps such as Indeed,, Employment news,, monster jobs etc. keep you aware of the recruitment opportunities going on nearby.

  1. Start-up Companies are the new cool! : Believe me, they are! You start your career directly from the mangerial level, and get paid more! Just Google the top 50 start-ups in India, start applying. If you have decent communication skills, you are bound to get a call from a number of them. Check the following links: , , . Or if you are really heck bent on getting a job, start applying in the popular apps which you use or just tune in a business channel like CNBC, note down all the companies which you like from the stock exchange, and keep on applying!

  2. Online Placements: What if your placement team wasn’t able to get you placed at all? What will you do? Will you keep brooding over that fact or will you act fast to get a good job? Second sounds a better option right? Like I said, only you are responsible for your career. Don’t expect from others. Expectations hurt. If you get selected in campus placement, great! Nothing like it! But if not, why will you depend on others for the same. Here are two most popular sites which conduct exams and offer you jobs directly on the basis of your performance in the test. AMCAT  and E-LITMUS . Check out the others here

4.The CAT family: This point deals with the plan of preparing for the MBA degree. If you ask anyone how to get admitted into a domestic MBA program, most of the people will say it’s only via CAT. But there are a number of other exams as well, such as  XAT, SNAP, CMAT, MAT, etc. Just check this link: , . All these exams are very competitive and have their own pattern with varying levels of difficulty, but they can be cracked easily. These exams need 2 years of proper preparation. Arun Sharma books are of decent levels. This option helps you inch forward towards your high-paying job. Prepare well. Don’t make the same mistake which you did in Class 12th

5.Foreign Calling! : Perhaps the most lucrative option amongst all would be fulfilling your childhood dream to live in a foreign country! That too on your own academic merit! How cool is that! Yes anyone can pursue his/her Masters from abroad. If you’re interested for pursuing Masters in a technical line, GRE is the exam. It’s conducted by ETS and is accepted world wide. Here’s the link to its official site . Visit it, check out the colleges offering the course of your choice (Mind you, there’s an ocean of programs which they offer. Research meticulously to find out which program suits you the best and the college rankings of that particular program). It would be an MS degree. However, also keep in mind that one can pursue the foreign Masters after gaining 2-3 years of work experience, but it’s not essential. One can pursue MS right after graduation. Here are some other interesting links: -that-pay-the-most  . Now, if someone wishes to pursue Management from abroad, it’s GMAT for them. International MBAs require at least 3 years of work experience. Hence, the course equivalent to the one being taught in IIMs is MIM or Masters in Management, whose criteria is work experience of 0-2 years. It’s conducted by GMAC. The official site link is . However, the only downside of this option is the high examination fee of 15,000 INR, and the high program cost. If you have excellent CGPA, and a GMAT score of above 650, scholarships will lessen your financial burden significantly. And as of the exam fee, saving 1000 rupees every month from your canteen and Thapri expense for a year and a half will give you its ticket (Believe me, it’s worth the save)

6.Fellowships: The latest kid on the block is Fellowship! Some of them are even more valuable than an equivalent corporate work experience. Check out the best fellowships in our country here This is a valuable option which isn’t well known by people Hence, do consider it!

Each and every one of our college’s student deserves a chance to shape his/her own bright future. This is a small attempt in that direction. Hope you had an informative read. If you have any queries regarding the post, feel free to contact me. Wishing you all the best for your future, and don’t forget to enjoy responsibly your college life. They are the 4 magical years of your life! Relish them to their best! Good Luck!