This picture is clicked by NIKON D5300 with lence 55-200mm. It is a pic of moving train which is taken by keeping shutter speed very slow.

You can say it as a Long exposure (slower shutter ) picrure.

IOS for this picture is 100.



This poc is clicked by NIKON D5300 using lense 55-200mm while on a trip to CHIRAIPALI (CHATTISGARD).

Camera specification:

Aperture f5.6

Shutter speed 1/200s for freezing bear running motion.

ISO 500 for exposing balancing light.



There are two types of people :

  1. One who have faith in  themselves and follow their heart. Failure or success they are the people who come under the category of legends because at least they show the  world wrong way and a right way of doing a particular thing .They are the people who actually live a happy life and die without any regrets.
  2. and other kind of people are those who don’t follow their dreams and doesn’t have believe in themselves . This kind of people are equivalent to shit as shit onces pot follows the direction predefined and end up in gutter. so as this people who doesn,t belive in themselves and rather then going for their dreams do what other says end up in the gutter of regrets . So it’s totally your choice following your dreams or regret of not even trying.#FOLLOW_YOUR_DREAMS#BELIEVE_IN_YOURSELF#HARSHWARDHAN_KI_VANI