A strong ECONOMY tends to a strong nation. Economy Enhancement can be considered as an important sin of increase in power of any nation.

Enhancement of ECONOMY can be indirectly related to UNEMPLOYMENT . If we reduce UNEMPLOYMENT automatically production will increase and so as our economy.

So here are few steps by which we (youth) can BOOST THE ECONOMY.


The straight way of curing a disease is by using an Anti-Biotic of a particular disease. Entrepreneurship acts as an Anti-Biotic for unemployment . It’s better to start a business and hire, someone, then to seek for a job . It can include shops , party planner who provides jobs to people at a smaller scale or can be groups like JINDAL, BIRLA’s,TATA’s who hire lakhs of people.

But this step is not quite handy and moreover, everyone can’t be an entrepreneur.This can create a mess around the country .

so in next steps, we will discuss something which can be done by all.



There are many MNC’s in  INDIAN MARKET and we have a vast variety of choice in each and every section of  products and normally what we see is the price of the product and end up buying Chinese products or some other country lower rate item or high rate imported stuff. What actually we fail to see is the overall loss in the background and readily select the imported cheap item like china product because of their cheaper price. But we should understand that it’s important to buy INDIAN PRODUCTS or to give priority to our product. Because the major business of any INDIAN COMPANY will be concentrated in INDIA only so the development of such industry will increase its growth as well as the growth of nearby societies leading in the overall development of OUR NATION and hence will BOOST OUR ECONOMY.



It may sound a bit Off-track title in the beginning but I’m sure it is one of the major problem solvers, I gave a lot of thought to this one so please do read.

Everyone have an interest in either music , dance , arts , reading etc. so in this step all you have to do is to pay for your interest. Till now all we did is we used pirated stuff of our favourite artist for our entertainment.We just have to replace it with original for reducing unemployment.

You may ask how by buying original we can reduce unemployment?

And if your thinking your favourite artist will provide you with a job then you are wrong. It can happen but the real answer is you might have noticed few people are very good at singing or writing or sketching and they love to do it but still end up becoming engineer or doctor or lawyer etc. in my class only we have a world class harry style kind of a singer , a rapper , a drummer , bloggers ,poets and all are doing MECHANICAL ENGINEERING(  in such a branch you can’t even have another sort of profit of being talented ),the reason behind is simple INDIAN market doesn’t support artist.

If you buy album of an artist you love to hear in an interval of a week or a month , or you decide to by novels of your favorite novelist etc. you are not only appreciating their work but also contributing in providing them employment plus you are getting entertained and even boosting them to continue their good work. and guess what  even encouraging other new artists to continue in their respective field .

Imagine a weekly investment of money equivalent to a cup of coffee that you would have with your girlfriend in a decent cafe or that equivalent to a beer bottle or two shots of vodka in a nightclub can do a miracle .

Now coming back to the main topic if an artist around you will decide to continue in their own field (as the can live a good life by your investments)  it will definitely reduce your competition in your field and can increase the chance of your job and can ensure your job safety . It’s all in your hands.