So, what’s the deal today? Today, we’re gonna learn about the reality of life, reality of the world. Ready for some absurd & weird concepts? But before that, just like all other mathematical concepts and proofs, let’s assume something. Let’s assume that love no longer flows freely in its natural state naturally within people, who are not a part of a family. Read it once again. Feel it. Get it. Cool, let’s rock!


World.  A place of lies, a place of hypocrites. Yes, the last word of the last sentence is very important! Keep it in mind! It’s addressed in the last part of the blog. The world is not a fairy tale. It can never be. Never will the poverty end, never will corruption end, and never will the crimes and vices be abolished from the society. And it’s stupid of us to expect so. Why? Because right in our school days itself, in a very insignificant maths lecture, one of the most significant truths of our life was spoken – Nothing can be 100% precise. It translates to some imperfections still being there no matter how much we try. Imperfections will exist everywhere. And the models, to which this statement is applicable, are everywhere. Hence, the rich will be rich, the poor will be poor. And there will always be this space. Simply because the rich can’t constitute the entire 100%. The poor can’t constitute the entire 100%. And on top of that, no one can be rich if no one is poor, and no one can be poor if no one is rich. It’s all relative, baby! And it’s all about the Arbitrary Balance which the entire universe tries to achieve every single moment, right from the time of its inception. That’s the law! Corruption will be there and it has to be there, Scarcity has to be there, vices will be there. Even in elections, no candidate or party will be cent percent fair and honest to the people. It’s a mistake to expect what will never happen. And it will never happen because the balance has to be there! And who would balance the entire weight of negativity? Everyone out there who feels for the poor, who is angry against corruption or is against any damn crime, is the answer.


But there’s one more twist to the theory, honey. What do you think,  these sets of the unlawful and the lawful are constant? People who now are good and those who are bad, will be like this till eternity? NO!!  Nothing in this fucking world is constant, and these two categories too keep shifting within the same set of people. Why? It’s because people themselves are a part of that stupid balance as well. They can’t be just white or black. They all are just changing proportions of the noir. Complete Grey doesn’t exist (balanced life doesn’t exist). One who says is stable or is leading a balanced life, is either ignorant towards the truth, (i.e. he’s lying anyway) or dead. Cent percent Grey is the balance. It can never be achieved. Death is grey. Till life exists, the black and the white will always keep fighting within themselves.


Now, a sub topic of this theory would consist of fine tuning our heart and mind. And that is – Stop wasting your time sympathizing for the subjugated. Just accept the reality, and get on with it. No matter how much you feel, you give your bit, give your everything, they will still remain. Maybe not in the same location or in front of you, but elsewhere, it will still exist. That’s how the system is designed. I know it’s easier said than done, but this is it! These feelings will be useful only to those MBA in Marketing people who earn lakhs per month but frequently run out of advertisement ideas, and time and again promote products by tickling this sympathizing nerve of Indian psychology and showcasing that their products are somehow related to addressing those issues. And this trick clicks, every time. No wonder India’s literacy rate is so low. Save your time. Move on.


Talking about Black and White, either of the two can be called the imperfection of a model. Imperfections are everywhere. They’re very small, but they are there. They’re