This picture is click form Nikon D 5300 using lense 55-200mm. Camera settings: Aperture – f/7.1 Focal length – 55mm Shutter speed 1/400s IOS 100

  1. Aperture is kept 7.1 to get a sharper image of cloudas you can see in the picture.

    2. And ISO is kept 100 for clear pixel



A pinch of love and a bit of lie
The heart-breaking summer and your last good bye
He got a stone where his heart should be
And nothing i do would make you love me
Just wanted you to stay
When I saw you that day
Never thought u would say
Just stay away
All my strength you took along
Who knew the light was not for long
Still in love with your perfect imperfections
And those never ending discussions
I am back I am better and I want you as bad as ever
so when your fairy tale is through and you’re looking for someone new you can always find me where the sky is blue
There is nothing ‘I wouldn’t, do just to get up next to you
Mirror on the wall here we are again trough my rise and fall you’re my only friend
So what was left was a broken man coz nothing hurt like a woman can
Every second of his life won’t come again all he could think was her every now and then
She was chaos and beauty intertwined
A tornado of roses from divine
It all now seems to be a game of hardship and fate
All he had one drink to remember and another to forget
At the game where people loose there heart he lost his life
That’s how a nerd said his last good bye


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There are two types of people :

  1. One who have faith in  themselves and follow their heart. Failure or success they are the people who come under the category of legends because at least they show the  world wrong way and a right way of doing a particular thing .They are the people who actually live a happy life and die without any regrets.
  2. and other kind of people are those who don’t follow their dreams and doesn’t have believe in themselves . This kind of people are equivalent to shit as shit onces pot follows the direction predefined and end up in gutter. so as this people who doesn,t belive in themselves and rather then going for their dreams do what other says end up in the gutter of regrets . So it’s totally your choice following your dreams or regret of not even trying.#FOLLOW_YOUR_DREAMS#BELIEVE_IN_YOURSELF#HARSHWARDHAN_KI_VANI
Set Your WordPress Website/Blog in 30 minutes

Set Your WordPress Website/Blog in 30 minutes

Through this series I am going to focus on how you can also own a domain, Set a simple but unique website/blog design, Run & optimise your website/blog for the optimum performance.

So you want your own domain, Right!!!!

The very first challenge for me was trying to understand how to install and set-up my WordPress blog. That was only the first challenge.I learnt all tactics through trial and error methods.It was the big thing among my friend circle to buy and run a domain.

Most of them asked me

“Why you bought the domain when free blog websites are available?”

“Have you taken any courses?”

“How much a domain cost?”

“Do I need to learn web designing?”

“How you are running?”

“How much time it requires setting a domain?”

“Can I run WordPress using Mobile?”

So in order to clear their entire question that was fired to me, I decided to start a series on How to Set WordPress Website/Blog in 30 minutes?

In this post, I’m going to clear above listed queries. If you have any other queries apart from these you may comment below. I’ll be glad to answer all your queries too.

The first query was

“Why you bought the domain when free blog websites are available?”

There are many websites such as WordPress, Blogspot, Blogger etc which offers free domain. But I opted for paid domain because Free domain has following disadvantages

No custom Domain

For example, you want a domain name “iwantanewdomain” then you are not going to get “iwantanewdomain.com”. You will be only eligible to get “iwantanewdomain.wordpress.com” or “iwantanewdomain.blogspot.com” etc.

Short period websites

Free domain offers domain registration free for only one year. After that, you should pay for renewal for that domain. These are useful for only short period websites.  If you want to develop a website/blog for a long period, then don’t go for free domains.

SEO unfriendly

Free domains are not index in search engines easily. If you want a good SEO for your blog/website, then you should opt for paid one over free one.

No guarantee of appearing in search engines

Google may ban the free domains. If it happens to your domain service then your blog/website will be no more available in search engines. Google has banned .co .cc domain in past (now it is accepting). So if it repeats again then your website will be no more visible in search engines.

You may loose your audience, ranking & backlinks after one year

When you go for a free domain after one year you should change your domain. so when you change your domain after one year then you may loose all your audiences, SEO, page rankings, backlinks, etc.

Even if you are planning not to spend any money on the domain then its okay you can opt for free websites and try your luck. All the best.

Next Question was

“Have you taken any course?”

No!!! I’ve not taken any kind of courses. I have learned by my own & still I’m learning a lot day by day.

“How much a domain cost?”

This is the standard invoice that I have received after my order on Godaddy.


“Do I need to learn web designing?”

No!!! You didn’t have to worry about the designing portion. There are many platforms available where you can easily design you page.

In the above invoice, you can find I have chosen Website builder as my designing platform.

“What are you are operating blog or website?”

I’m operating a blog site. Since Website builder was not at all feasible for blog sites so, later on, I switched my designing platform from Website builder to WordPress.

“How much time it requires setting a domain”

This depends on how fast you are. Within minutes you can place the order and within 30 minutes you can set your website easily.

“Can I run WordPress using Mobile?”

Yes!!! WordPress mobile application is available on Playstore. You can easily download and install on your device. But in the mobile application, you can only publish your content. You cannot design layouts and all.

I tried my best, to sum up, few queries.

This post is open for any kind of queries. Please share this post and help freshers. Stay tuned by subscribing to us for next post on Setting WordPress Website/Blog in 30 minutes



पहली मुलाकात

पहली मुलाकात

तुझसे मिलकर मैं पहली बार हँसा

बिना तेरे मैं मैंने सिखा रोने।।

तूने मेरे खाव्बो को पंख दिए माँ

बिना तेरे दुनिया ने दुःख क्या कम दिए

मैं ही था एक नादाँन परिंदा बिना

तेरे दुनिया में ख़ुशी ढूंढी थी।।

आज भी पछताता हु

मैं अपनी उस गलती पे

निकाल बहार किया जो तुझे किया घर से।।

न पछताया न घबराया अपने उस फैसले से।।

डर न लगा तुझसे दूर होने के फैसले से।।

आज पछताता हु माँ

जब भी तेरा चेहरा सामने आता है।।

वो तबाही का मंजर मुझे हर वक़्त सताता है।।

माफ़ करना माँ मुझे ,

मेरे इस गलती के लिए

गम में कटे तेरे उस पल के लिए।।

शायद मेरे विचारो में कोई कमी थी।।

बिना तेरे न मेरी ज़िन्दगी थी ,

न है ,

न रहेगी।।