बस मेरी मौत का मुझे इन्साफ चाहिए

दो गज की ज़मीं थी कफ़न था तिरंगा।।
आँखों में नमी थी ,छाती था खून से रंगा।।

हार जीत की न कोई वजह बाकि थी।।
न बाकि था निपटाने के लिए कोई दंगा।।

शहीद का साथ जुड़ा , मिल गया साहस का तमगा।
लौट के न आया फिर मैं, तो रूठ गया ये वतन।।

खून बहा कर लिया जो पाकिसातनियो ने मज़ा।।
आत्मा मेरी पूछ रही किस बात की मिली मुझे सजा।।

न मैंने किसी का भाई मारा न किसी का बेटा।।
फिर भी क्यों रो रहा फफक फफक कर मेरा बेटा।।

मुझे कुछ नहीं एक जवाब चाहिए।।
इस सोई हुई सरकार से एक हिसाब चाहिए।।

कौन लौटायगा मेरे परिवार को बीते हुए कल ।।
कौन संवरेगा मेरे परिवार का आने वाला कल।।

मुझे कुछ नहीं मुझे इन्साफ चाहिए।।
बस मेरी मौत का मुझे इन्साफ चाहिए।।


A strong ECONOMY tends to a strong nation. Economy Enhancement can be considered as an important sin of increase in power of any nation.

Enhancement of ECONOMY can be indirectly related to UNEMPLOYMENT . If we reduce UNEMPLOYMENT automatically production will increase and so as our economy.

So here are few steps by which we (youth) can BOOST THE ECONOMY.


The straight way of curing a disease is by using an Anti-Biotic of a particular disease. Entrepreneurship acts as an Anti-Biotic for unemployment . It’s better to start a business and hire, someone, then to seek for a job . It can include shops , party planner who provides jobs to people at a smaller scale or can be groups like JINDAL, BIRLA’s,TATA’s who hire lakhs of people.

But this step is not quite handy and moreover, everyone can’t be an entrepreneur.This can create a mess around the country .

so in next steps, we will discuss something which can be done by all.



There are many MNC’s in  INDIAN MARKET and we have a vast variety of choice in each and every section of  products and normally what we see is the price of the product and end up buying Chinese products or some other country lower rate item or high rate imported stuff. What actually we fail to see is the overall loss in the background and readily select the imported cheap item like china product because of their cheaper price. But we should understand that it’s important to buy INDIAN PRODUCTS or to give priority to our product. Because the major business of any INDIAN COMPANY will be concentrated in INDIA only so the development of such industry will increase its growth as well as the growth of nearby societies leading in the overall development of OUR NATION and hence will BOOST OUR ECONOMY.



It may sound a bit Off-track title in the beginning but I’m sure it is one of the major problem solvers, I gave a lot of thought to this one so please do read.

Everyone have an interest in either music , dance , arts , reading etc. so in this step all you have to do is to pay for your interest. Till now all we did is we used pirated stuff of our favourite artist for our entertainment.We just have to replace it with original for reducing unemployment.

You may ask how by buying original we can reduce unemployment?

And if your thinking your favourite artist will provide you with a job then you are wrong. It can happen but the real answer is you might have noticed few people are very good at singing or writing or sketching and they love to do it but still end up becoming engineer or doctor or lawyer etc. in my class only we have a world class harry style kind of a singer , a rapper , a drummer , bloggers ,poets and all are doing MECHANICAL ENGINEERING(  in such a branch you can’t even have another sort of profit of being talented ),the reason behind is simple INDIAN market doesn’t support artist.

If you buy album of an artist you love to hear in an interval of a week or a month , or you decide to by novels of your favorite novelist etc. you are not only appreciating their work but also contributing in providing them employment plus you are getting entertained and even boosting them to continue their good work. and guess what  even encouraging other new artists to continue in their respective field .

Imagine a weekly investment of money equivalent to a cup of coffee that you would have with your girlfriend in a decent cafe or that equivalent to a beer bottle or two shots of vodka in a nightclub can do a miracle .

Now coming back to the main topic if an artist around you will decide to continue in their own field (as the can live a good life by your investments)  it will definitely reduce your competition in your field and can increase the chance of your job and can ensure your job safety . It’s all in your hands.


In this section of our blog, we will discuss how youth can help in increasing the current scenario of our country

As a youth, we should know our responsibility and contribute to the enhancement of our country by playing our respective roles. This category of our site will strictly follow the ways by which we can enhance our current situation . As this blogs only consist of my ways and is limited to a extend and therefore all the readers are welcome to express their views and are free to add anything regarding the same. It won’t be hard because as an INDIAN we all have an eagerness of giving free advice even when  it’s not required . I hope you won’t disappoint me and I will really appreciate if someone will come up with some new ideas   .

As a future of our country, it’s our responsibility to do what so ever we can for the development of our country.

Here in this category, I’m trying to share you my views or ways by which we can make a change in a positive way. So let us all my a better INDIA by the power of youth.

Present : Better than both Past and Future

” अतीत एक अनुभव, वर्तमान एक प्रयोग और भविष्य एक अपेक्षा। अपेक्षाओं को पूरा करने के लिए अतीत के अनुभवों से वर्तमान को संवारिये।”

,वर्तमान को इंग्लिश में present  कहते हैं, क्योकि ये वाकई में ‘present’ है,एक उपहार है ,जो सदा अमूल्य है व बिना मूल्य के हर क्षण सबको प्राप्त है,जो इसे जी लेता है,वह जीवन जीना जनता है, जो इसे खो देता है,वह जीवन के अनुभव से वंछित रह जाता है.

“समय” time phase  को उसके वास्तविक स्वरूप में समझे,तो वह केसाल ‘वर्तमान ‘है,प्रत्येक् पल में है,क्षण रूप है,किन्तु अगर मन के प्लेटफार्म पर इसे समझें, तो यह तीन भेदों वाला है-एक अतीत दूसरा वर्तमान व् तीसरा भविष्य. अतीत ,जो जा चूका, भविष्य जो आया नहीं व वर्तमान जो न कही आता है, न कही जाता है,जो मात्र’है’ इस क्षण में है.

भूत-भविष्य का होना वास्तविक नहीं है,वह मात्र हमारी मन की यादोंमें है,हम सबके मन को भूत-भविष्य में रहने की ही आदत है,यही कारण है कि मन सदा बैचैन रहता है.

वर्तमान के महत्व को जानें—–

Present is better than past and future. Past  चाहे कितना भी सुनहरा क्यों न रहा हो ,किन्तु जीना आज में ही possible  है, अतीत तो past   है,उसमे प्राण कहाँ? प्राण सदा present  में ही होता है.भविष्य की सत्ता तो है,किन्तु उसमें भी प्राण नहीं है.’प्राण ‘ मात्र और मात्र present  में ही होता है. इसीलिये वर्तमान सर्वश्रेष्ठ है,सर्वोपरि है, वही भूत का हिस्सा होता है,वाही भविस्य की रचना करता है. अगर वर्तमान को सुधार लिया, तो भूत भी बदला और भविष्य भी सुधरा.

अगर आपको जीवन के किसी विषम क्षेत्र में सफलता के शिखर पर पहुँचना है, तो इस वर्तमान पल को अपने लक्ष्य से पूरा भर दो,हर वर्तमान क्षण में अपने लक्ष्य को जीने लगो, अगर डॉक्टर बनना है,तो डॉक्टर की तरह इस पल को जीओ,हर पल जीओ आप स्वयं को जिन भावों से वर्तित करोगे, वही आपका भविष्य होगा.

वर्तमान पल ही अनंत शक्ति क्षमता व ऊर्जा का पिण्ड है.जिस तरह भौतिक पदार्थों में मौजूद अनंत ऊर्जा एक परमाणु मात्र के विस्फोट से प्रकट हो सकती है. उसी तरह हम सबके भीतर मौजूद अनंत क्षमता एक समय मात्र को पूर्णतः जीने व जानने से प्रकट हो सकती है.

सार्थक जीओ, निरर्थक तजो———

वर्तमान में जीने के लिए यह जरूरी है कि हम सार्थक व निरर्थक (meaningful and meaningless )  के बीच का अंतर कर पाएं ,जो आपकी योग्यताओ को जगाता है ,बढ़ाता है वह सार्थक है जैसे हर बोली जाने वाली बात अगर हमारे भावो को स्पष्टता से व्यक्त करती है,तो वह सार्थक है,किन्तु आप कहना क्या चाह  रहे हो? वह आपके बोलने से स्पष्ट नही हो पा रहा है,तो वह बात व्यर्थ ही हुई .सार्थक जीना ,सार्थक बोलना,सार्थक सोचना बिना विवेक ज्ञान के संभव ही नही है और विवेक ज्ञान का उपलब्ध होना, तब ही संभव है जब हम past   की गलतियों से सीख ले ,उन्हें पुनः न दोहराए. Past  का  experience   लो किन्तु उससे चिपके हुए न रहो . भूत का न मोह रहे, न शोक रहे, बस जो उसमे से लो बाकि को भुला दो.जो पाया जा चूका है,खाया जा चूका है ,भोगा जा चूका यह चाहे कितना भी महत्वपूर्ण क्यों न रहा हो? आज की भूख तो आज के भोजन से शांत होने वाली है,इसीलिए समझो की वर्तमान,भूत भविष्य से कहीं अधिक बेहतर है. अतीत चाहे कितना भी स्वर्णिम रहा हो, जीवन का वास्तविक सुख संतोष व आनंद तो प्राप्त पल को जीने में ही है.वह सार्थक है।।।।


Terrorist attack at Uri took away 17 precious lives

When our mighty soldiers were sleeping in their tents at an army camp close to the headquarters of the 12th Brigade at Uri in Baramulla district, 4 intruders with AK-47 rifles and hurling grenades banged on them. After huge firing at least 17 soldiers lost their lives and 30 others got injured s. The injured have been brought to army base hospital in Srinagar.

 All 4 terrorists have been killed in the attack which is not enough to justify the brutal-ness at Uri. The attacked happened around 5:30 am in the morning near the line of control with Pakistan, militants breached the perimeter fence to enter the camp. Around  soldiers have been injured seriously in the attack. The injured have been brought to army base hospital in Srinagar.

This was one more attack in a very long chain of assaults over the last 26-27 years. This is part of an attritional war, the war of a thousand cuts that Pakistan has sustained us. In fact, it is more than 26-27 years because it started with the Khalistanis in 1984. In any war when a bullet is fired, you don’t ask, why are they shooting at us? They are shooting at us because we are in the middle of an enduring war. The Pakistanis will hit us every time they feel they can hurt us.

Sepoy HN Bala Diag and Lance Naik Ram Krishna critically injured in the attack are still not out of danger. The 17 soldiers who were killed in the bloody Sunday massacre, here are their identities:

  1. Subedar Karnail Singh, r/o Vill Shibu Chak, Teh- Bishnah, Dist Jammu, Jammu & Kashmir.
  2. Havildar Ravi Paul, r/o Samba, Dist Jammu, Jammu & Kashmir.
  3. Sepoy Rakesh Singh, r/o Vill Baddja, Dist Kaimur, Bihar.
  4. Sepoy Javra Munda, r/o Vill Meral, Dist Khuti, Jharkhand.
  5. Sepoy Naiman Kujur, r/o Vill Gumla, Chainpur, Jharkhand.
  6. Sepoy Uike Janrao, r/o Vill Nandgaon (Kh), Dist Amravati, Maharashtra.
  7. Havildar NS Rawat, r/o Vill Rajawa, Dist Rajasmand, Rajasthan.
  8. Sepoy Ganesh Shankar, r/o Vill Ghoorapalli, Dist Sant Kabir Nagar, Uttar Pradesh.
  9. Naik SK Vidarthi, r/o Vill Boknari, Dist Gaya, Bihar.
  10. Sepoy Biswajit Ghorai, r/o Vill Ganga Sagar, Dist South 24 Parganas, West Bengal.
  11. Lance Naik G Shankar, r/o Vill Jashi, Dist Satara, Maharashtra.
  12. Sep G Dalai, r/o Vill Jamuna Balia, Dist Howarah, West Bengal.
  13. Lance Naik RK Yadav, r/o Vill Balia, Uttar Pradesh.
  14. Sepoy Harinder Yadav, r/o Vill Ghazipur, Dist Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh.
  15. Sepoy TS Somnath, r/o Vill Khadangali, Dist Nashik, Maharashtra.
  16. Havildar Ashok Kumar Singh, r/o Vill Raktu Tola, Dist Bhojpur, Bihar.
  17. Sepoy Rajesh kr Singh, r/o Vill Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh.

(With inputs from ANI)

Who is responsible for the terrorist attack?

after listening to this news first thing which came into my mind might be yours too i.e. who are the real culprits.


they were sleeping at 5:30AM . they too are the human being so it is obvious they can sleep at 5:30AM. so they are not responsible for the terrorist attack. then who is ?

Our country

who sent them to Uri for guarding our nation. they were sent for a purpose or we can say duty so our country might not be responsible.

terrorist host

“We have known long enough who are behind sponsoring terrorism against India, particularly in Jammu and Kashmir. I think time has come to call their bluff and give them a befitting reply,” the minister of state in Prime Minister’s Office said.

finally, this host might be responsible for this attack as well as all the previous attacks.

what can be done to reduce such brutality?

  •           cut off the wings of terrorist by taking strict actions again terrorist hoster
  •           provide enough security to soldiers at least during their sleeping time.

“A befitting reply must be given to those who attack security forces,” said the daughter of SK Vidyarthi, one of the soldiers martyred yesterday.

Reactions in our country

“Decisive action needed against Pak” and “Give Pak befitting reply” seem to be the words on everyone’s lips.

PM Narendra Modi remains undecided about attending the SAARC summit in Pakistan later this year, and foreign minister Sushma Swaraj will have the Uri attack on top of her agenda when as she heads to New York for the UN General Assembly, sources told ANI.

Union minister General VK Singh (retired) cautioned that “we cannot take action on (an) emotional level” and added that the Prime Minister will soon make a decision on how to proceed.

“For one tooth, the complete jaw. Days of so-called strategic restraint are over,” wrote senior BJP leader Ram Madhav in a Facebook post.

“Terrorists and those who support terror should be given no quarter ” said the father of an earlier martyr.

“It’s very painful to see such incidents on our soil. This is due to the lopsided policy of the Indian government (both) at present and (in the) past towards Pakistan, terrorists and in particular towards the Hurriyat conference,” said NK Kalia, the father of Captain Saurabh Kalia, a Kargil War martyr.

“In this hour of grief, the whole nation is united. It’s time to hit back,” said minister of state for defence, Subhash Bhamre. “The supreme sacrifice of 17 brave soldiers will not go in vain,” vowed Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar.

“The fight against terrorism is collective and global. Every terrorist act touches everyone. The sooner some countries, especially our neighbour, realise it, the better it is,” said Congress leader AM Singhvi, on what’s believed to be the first ISIS attack on Pakistan army.

“Whatever is happening in Pakistan is the result of their own wrongdoings, said Union minister MA Naqvi, also about the Peshawar killings.

“High-level meetings are going on, let’s be sure befitting reply will be given (to terror supporters),” minister Bhamre said.

Amitabh Bachchan expressed his pain and anguish at the dastardly terror attack in Uri that killed 17 Indian army jawans on Sunday. Speaking at the press conference of Pink, “It’s a very sad news. Our jawans lost their lives for no reason or provocation. It deeply pains and saddens me. I hope our government will take some strict action.

“Filmmaker Shoojit Sircar who was present at the launch also expressed his anguish. “Whatever has happened is shameful and very sad.This is not good news.”

Earlier, Shah Rukh Khan too condemned the Uri attacks that took place early. SRK took to Twitter and shared, “Saddened to hear of the cowardly attack in Uri. Prayers for the families of our martyred soldiers. & may the terrorists b punished soon.”

“Pakistan is constantly trying to unstable India by sponsoring terrorism and supporting terrorist organisations+ . India has been fighting relentlessly against terror and now the war is in a decisive stage. The martyrdom of our brave martyrs will not go in vain at any cost and the government is moving towards the right direction,”Shah said.

“To avenge yesterday’s Uri terror attack the Prime Minister has promised+ that those behind the Uri terror attack will not go unpunished. That should be the way forward. …. If terrorism is the instrument of the weak and coward, restraint in the face of repeated terror attacks betrays inefficiency and incompetence. India should prove otherwise,” Madhav, BJP general secretary wrote.

Who are with us

Bangladesh has said that the spirit of the 1971 Liberation War against Pakistan will remain in the relationship between New Delhi and Dhaka.

Sri Lanka on Monday strongly condemned the terrorist attack on an army camp in Uri town in Jammu and Kashmir, offering condolences to the families of the victims.

Russian foreign ministry, in a statement, said, “Regarding the Pathankot Indian air base attack+ in January 2016, we are very concerned about the terrorist attacks near the Line of Control. We are also concerned about the fact that, according to New Delhi, the Army base near Uri was attacked from Pakistani territory.
“We believe that this criminal act will be investigated properly and that its organisers and perpetrators will be held accountable. We confirm our continued support for the Indian government’s counter-terrorism efforts.”

Condemning the attack, France said it “remains on India’s side in the combat against terrorism. It calls on every State to fight effectively against terrorist groups operating on their territory or from their territory against other countries.”

Acting High Commissioner for Canada to India Jess Dutton said, “The Government of Canada extends condolences to the victims and their families. We are appalled by these attacks and stand with the Government of India in the fight against terrorism.”

Condemning the attack, Afghanistan‘s ambassador to India Shaida Abdali said: “the countries that use terrorism as an instrument of foreign policy, should not only be isolated but also held accountable for taking away innocent lives.”

The US and the UK had also condemned the attack on Sunday